5 Things to Know Before Choosing Natural-Looking Lash Extensions


Have your clients ever asked you to make them natural-looking lash extensions? Whether you’re a lash extension veteran or a first-timer, achieving a natural look is essential to enhancing your clients’ beauty seamlessly. In this post, we’ll explore the five crucial aspects you should consider when choosing the right lash extensions for your customers.

Lash length

Types of eyelash extensions' length.
It is recommended to select a length that is only 2-3 mm longer than the natural lashes.

When aiming for a natural look, it’s essential to select lash extensions that match the length of the natural lashes or are just slightly longer. Overly long extensions can give an unnatural appearance. The lash technician will assess their client’s natural lashes and help them choose a length that enhances their eyes while maintaining a subtle look. In fact, many experienced lash technicians advise choosing 2-3 mm longer lashes to make natural-looking lash extensions.


Thickness for natural-looking lash extensions

Types of lash thickness are considered when create natural-look lash extensions.
The thickness of the chosen lashes will be determined by the desired appearance.

The thickness or diameter of lash extensions plays a significant role in achieving a natural appearance. Opt for extensions that closely match the thickness of the natural lashes. Thicker extensions can weigh down the natural lashes and look overly dramatic. A skilled technician will recommend the appropriate thickness to create a harmonious blend.


Curl type 

Lash extensions come in different curl types, ranging from straight (J-curl) to dramatic (D-curl). For a natural look, consider a curl type that matches or is slightly curlier than the natural lashes. The goal is to mimic the natural curve of lashes, ensuring they blend seamlessly with the extensions.

L curl lashes are favored by many lash artists, read here to find out why you should try them: L curl lashes 


Lash material

Lash materials are various in price and quality.
Mink, silk, and synthetic lash extensions are some popular materials.

Lash extensions are typically made from synthetic materials like mink, silk, or artificial silk. Silk or synthetic silk extensions are often the preferred choice for a natural look. These materials are lightweight and have a natural sheen that closely resembles real lashes. Mink extensions, while luxurious, can sometimes appear too glossy for a completely natural effect.


Color for natural eyelash 

Many colors for eyelash extensions.
The black or brown lash extensions can make the eyes look more natural.

The color for natural-looking lash extensions should closely match the shade of lashes. Particularly, black is the most common color choice, as it complements most natural lash colors. However, if your clients have lighter lashes, consider dark brown extensions for a softer, more subtle effect. A professional lash technician can help customers select the right color to achieve a seamless blend.


In addition to these five aspects, it’s crucial to communicate together to get to know more about the preferences and expectations. The lash technician can assess the customers’ natural lashes, facial features, and desired looks to customize the extensions that will best achieve a natural appearance. Keep in mind that achieving a natural look with lash extensions is an art, and an experienced technician will have the expertise to create a stunning and subtle enhancement that enhances beauty without looking overly artificial.


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