Closed Fans Vs. Narrow Fans Vs. Wide Fans

Promade fans have become a go-to solution for achieving stunning lashes without taking much time.

But do you know that different fan widths can create different looks?

In this article, we’ll break down the key differences between closed fans, narrow fans, and wide fans to help you decide which product is right for your client.

Closed fans and narrow fans and wide fans
Closed fans and narrow fans and wide fans

What are closed fans, narrow fans and wide fans?

Closed fans, also called spikes, include 4-5 lash extensions (usually 0.07 thickness) attached together. The tip can be tapered or not, based on the buyer’s requirement. You can use bonder to make closed fans from volume lash trays or buy promade spikes.

Closed and narrow and wide fan openness
Closed fans, narrow fans and wide fans

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Narrow fans: refer to a fan with the lashes spread out slightly wider than closed fans. They often have longer stems than wide one; thereby, improving lash retention for customers. As a matter of fact, this kind of promade has become the game changer in the lash industry.

Wide fans: are regular lash fans. For example, 3D – 2mm width, 4D – 3mm width, 5D – 4mm width & 6D – 5mm width. These wide fans are common type up to now and help lash techs to create voluminous and fluffy sets.

Which lash fans suit you?

Closed fans: If your clients go for a wet look or wispy effect, spikes are the perfect fit. Additionally, wispy fans, which consist of closed fans in the middle, are another ideal option. They will come in breathtaking set such as below 

Wispy lash look using closed fans
Wispy lash set using closed fans

Narrow fans: is suitable for those looking for bold, dense looks. When crafting those stunning volume fans, it’s crucial to keep in mind that clients blessed with dense lashes (those who seem to have a lot of lashes) will find greater benefit in using narrow fans. This is because their natural lashes are closely spaced together.

Dense lash look using narrow fans
Narrow fans help to create dense lash set

Wide fans: Wide fans are ideal for clients with sparse or damaged lashes, helping to fill the space between lashes, creating a fuller look for the client. For girls blessed with a billion lashes, using wide fans can make the lashes look messy and makes that bold black line we love vanish.

Messy lash looks due to misuse of wide fans
Messy lash set due to misuse of wide fans

Where to order promade fans?

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12D promade fans narrow width
12D narrow promade fans eco XL tray

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