Easy Fanning Lash vs. Regular Volume Lash

You must hear a lot about a new trend of lash extension products called easy fanning lash or fast fanning lash extensions. Are you wondering what this is and how different it is from conventional volume lash trays? In this article, we will compare Easy Fanning Lash and regular volume lash to help you make an informed decision on which is right for you.

Easy fanning lash extensions

Easy fanning lashes have gained popularity among lash artists for their convenience and time-saving benefits.

What are easy fan lashes?

Easy fanning lashes, also known as fast-fan, self-fanning lash, bloom lash extensions, are a type of eyelash extension that has gained popularity in the beauty industry. A lash line consists of multiple layers of lashes attached by a tiny amount of glue.

How to use easy fanning lash?

Shimmy method

  • Use a volume tweezer to grasp the desired number of lashes
  • Gently pinch or perform a shimmy motion with the tweezers to fan them out
  • Carefully lift the fanned lashes from the lash strip, dip them in adhesive, and apply them

Be cautious not to shimmy too high, as this could result in the fans closing prematurely.


3 main steps in process of creating fan with fast fanning lashes
The main steps to apply easy fanning lash extensions

Sticky strip method

  • Select the required number of lashes
  • Detach them from the strip by pulling them toward yourself
  • Position the lash bases onto the adhesive-coated section of the strip
  • Use the back of your closed volume lash tweezers to fan out
  • Lift the fan from the lash strip, dip it into adhesive, and apply it
4 main step to make a fast fan
Sticky strip method

Pros of fast fanning lashes

Time efficiency: Easy fanning lashes are already bonded at the bases, which significantly reduces the time required for lash extension applications. Lash techs can complete appointments more quickly, making them a time-efficient option.

Beginner-friendly: Fast-fanning lashes are considered beginner-friendly. They can be used by both seasoned professionals and those new to the lash extension industry because they require less technical skill than hand-making volume fans.

Versatility: They come in various lengths, thicknesses, and curls, allowing lash artists to customize the look to suit each client’s preferences.

Easy fanning lashes lash line and its fan
Advantages of easy fanning lashes

Cons of fast fanning lashes

Durability: Easy fanning lashes tend to shed faster than individual extensions. Clients may require more frequent refills, typically every 2-3 weeks, which can be a downside for those seeking longer-lasting results.

Lash health: Some lash artists argue that the adhesive used to bond easy fans may be heavier than that used for individual lashes. This can potentially lead to more strain on the natural lashes.

Cost: Easy fanning lashes can be more expensive than traditional individual lash extensions. 

Skill development: Relying solely on easy fanning lashes may hinder a lash tech’s development of advanced volume lash application skills. It’s important to balance the use of self fanning lashes with the ability to create handcrafted volume fans for specialized looks.

Obstacle easy fanning lashes can bring
Disadvantages of fast-fanning lashes

Regular volume lash extensions

Unlike classic, which is often used to apply a single extension to each natural lash, volume lashes often come in 0.03, 0.05 and 0.07 thickness to make fans.

Lash line of regular volume fan and one of easy fan lash
Differences between easy fanning lashes and regular volume lashes

What is volume lashes?

Volume lash is one of the most common lash extension trays, besides classic lash. Compared to easy fanning lashes, a conventional volume tray consists of only a layer per lash line because not much adhesive is stuck to the lash stems.

How to use volume lash trays?

  • Peel the strip off your lash tray, place onto your lash tile
  • Create fans through pinch, wiggle or lonely methods
  • Place on the natural lash with extension adhesive

For more detail on volume lash extensions, click our blog post

Pros of volume lashes

Lightweight extensions: Volume lashes typically use less glue, which add less weight to the natural lashes. This contributes to comfort and reduces the risk of damage to the natural lashes.

Long-lasting: Because there are more contacts of point to natural lashes, volume lash extensions can last longer before requiring a refill.

Cons of volume lashes

Skill and training: Applying volume lashes requires advanced training and skill. Lash artists must learn how to create volume fans and apply them correctly. This can be a challenge for those new to the technique.

Time-consuming application: Volume lash applications can be more time-consuming than easy fanning, particularly for lash artists who are still developing their skills. The creation and attachment of volume fans can be intricate and time-intensive.

Easy fan lash vs. regular volume lash: which is right for you?

Choose easy fan lash trays if

  • You want to streamline your lash application process
  • Time efficiency is essential for your practice
  • You have a beginner skill level or are looking for a user-friendly option

Choose regular volume lashes if

  • You aim for highly customized lash looks
  • You’re willing to invest more time and effort in the application process
  • You want to offer higher retention with wrap technique which is only applied to this kind of lashes.
Bloom lash and separate lashes when pick up
Bloom lashes and regular volume: which is better for you?

Ultimately, the choice between easy fanning lash and regular volume lashes depends on your experience, client base, and the type of lash looks you want to provide. Many lash artists choose to offer both options to cater to different clients and preferences.

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