L Curl Lashes: Must-Try Products

Among the many eyelash curl options available today, L curl lashes are stealing the spotlight. If you’re looking for specialty lashes to enhance your client’s lashes, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll dive into the enchanting world of L curl lashes, what they are, why they’re gaining popularity, and how to get the look you desire.

What is about L curl lash?

L curl stands for the first letter of “LIFT”, meaning lift your eye shape. There are slightly different L curl lash extension shapes formed by different manufacturers. For example, L curl lash type consists of straight base and C curl. However, at iShine Lash factory, it includes the 2-3 mm straight base, then transitions to the vertical direction, all the way straight to tip. 

Unlike traditional lash extensions with a C or J curl, L curl lashes offer a more pronounced and dramatic curl. This curl pattern has a transformative effect on the eyes, creating an alluring and captivating look.

The outcome of L curl application on the eye
An example of L curl lash

Why opt for L curl lash extension

L curl lashes have taken the beauty industry by storm because of the following reasons

Long-Lasting Appeal: The bases of L curl lashes are straight in 2-3 mm so the area of contact between extension and natural lash is larger, compared to such curls as: C, CC and D. Therefore, it helps clients maintain their extensions for an extended period, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups.

Makeup Simplified: With L curl lashes, your daily makeup routine becomes a breeze. You can kiss mascara goodbye, as these lashes deliver a lush, mascara-like effect without the hassle of clumps or smudging.

Lift eyes: The curl of L curl lashes creates a visual illusion of larger, more open eyes. This effect is especially beneficial for girls with hooded or downturned eyelids, as it helps counteract the drooping or heavy appearance often associated with these eye shapes.

The stunning appearance of a girl after lashes application
L curls make an amazing transformation on the girl’s eyes

Who will be fit for L curl look

Hooded Eyes: Hooded eyes have an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, making the eyelids appear smaller. The upward curl of L curl lashes can help open up and lift the eyes, making them look more awake and larger.

Downturned Eyes: If you have downturned eyes, where the outer corners of the eyes appear to turn downward, L curl lashes can provide a lifting effect. They can help counteract the natural downturn and create a more uplifted appearance.

Monolid Eyes: Monolid eyes lack a distinct crease, and eyelids tend to be flatter. L curl lashes can add dimension and lift to monolid eyes, creating a more defined and open look.

3 girls with typical eye shapes for L curl application
Hooded eyes, downturned eyes and monolid eyes are the typical shape for L curl option

Tips for using L curl lashes

One of the most common mapping is the combination of J,B, C, CC, D curl (one of these) and L curl. For the sake of cat eyelash extension effect, slight curls like B or C curl lashes are applied at the inner corner to middle to make that area subtle. Then, you can create a sharper, elongated outer look by using L curl.

For those having upturned eye shape, you also can use L curl lashes if your clients require eye lifting look. But you need to make sure that your outcome has a symmetrical appearance by moderating the amount of L curl lashes at the outer.

Cat eyelash sets using L curl lashes
L curl lashes can be mixed at the outer of set to create cat eye look

Where to order L curl lash extensions

Here at iShine Lash factory, we offer a wide range of L curl individual classic and volume lash trays. All the products are made of Korean PBT fiber material, ultra-dark and come in fluffy lash lines, thereby creating a jet black and dense look for your clients. 

Otherwise, you can refer to our L curl promade fans. You have a variety of packaging options such as: loose fan, speedy fan, XL/XXL box, etc. Among those options, L curl speedy promade fans are considered to be the new trend in lash industry. 

Obviously, well-organized, easy-to-use speedy fans help lash artists to speed up their application process so more and more technicians opt for this product. We also see a substantial increase in the sales record of this item.

The reliable supplier for L curl lash trays
iShine Lash – Top #1 lash factory supplying L curl classic and volume and promade fans in Vietnam

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