Lash Refill: A Comprehensive Guide

What is a lash refill ?

How often do clients book an infill ?

How much should I charge for a lash extension refill ?

You must have these big questions on your mind when starting a lash career. So, you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling to get the most comprehensive guide to this process.


What is about lash refills ?

In simple terms, a lash refill is a touch-up or maintenance procedure performed on existing lash extensions. Over time, lash extensions naturally shed due to the natural growth and shedding cycle of our eyelashes. 

It is estimated that approximately 40% of your natural lashes will fall off in 3 weeks – and the extensions will go with them.This shedding can leave your clients with gaps or uneven lash lines, making them look less than perfect.

A lash artist is drawing mapping on tape for her client
Lash refill simply is a touch-up on existing lash extensions

Why do clients opt for lash fills?

Lash refills ensure that your client’s lashes remain full and lush, providing that coveted wide-eyed look. They are typically quicker than getting a full set of extensions. This saves you time and allows you to maintain your desired lash look more conveniently. 

First and foremost, regular infills are generally more cost-effective than getting a completely new set of extensions. They allow clients to maximize the longevity of their initial investment.

A step in the process of applying extension
Lash refills bring a lot of benefits to customers

How often do clients book infills

The frequency at which clients book lash refills can vary depending on several factors, including the type of lash extensions, individual preferences, and maintenance habits. However, here are some general guidelines:

Client is waiting for a lash infill after preparation
The frequency of lash refills can vary depending on several factors

Classic lash extensions: Clients typically book classic lash refills every 2 to 3 weeks. This is because natural eyelashes shed and are replaced in a cyclical manner, so lash extensions need regular touch-ups to maintain a full look.

Volume lash extensions: Volume lashes are lighter and fluffier, and they can last longer than classic lashes. Clients often schedule refills every 3 to 4 weeks. Again, this can vary depending on individual lash growth and care routines.

Hybrid lash extensions: Refill frequencies for hybrids fall somewhere between classic and volume, generally every 2 to 3 weeks.

Mega volume lash extensions: Mega volume lashes are extremely lightweight and fine, so they may require more frequent fills, usually every 2 to 3 weeks.

Individual variability: It’s important to note that every individual’s lash growth cycle is different. Some people may shed lashes more quickly than others, which can affect the refill schedule. Factors like lifestyle, makeup use, and skincare routines can also impact lash retention.

Lash care: Clients who take good care of their lash extensions, avoid oil-based products, and follow aftercare instructions tend to have longer-lasting lashes and may be able to extend the time between refills.

Special occasions: Some clients may book lash refills for special occasions or events, which could be less frequent than the standard 2 to 4-week schedule.

How to perform a lash refill ?

The transformation of a girl after lash fill
The outcome after lash refill shown in the left photo

Performing a successful lash refill requires skill and precision. Here are the basic steps

Assessment: Begin by assessing your client’s lashes then identify the areas where extensions have fallen out or grown unevenly.

Preparation: Cleanse the client’s lashes to remove any makeup or residue and ensure the lashes are dry before proceeding.

Isolation: Isolate each natural lash with a fine tweezer to prevent sticking multiple lashes together.

Extension application: Using the same or similar extensions as the original set, apply extensions to the isolated natural lashes. Be mindful of the length, curl, and thickness to maintain consistency.

Bonding: Ensure the extensions are securely bonded to the natural lashes using a high-quality adhesive.

Quality check: After the procedure, perform a quality check to ensure all lashes are securely attached, and there are no clumps or gaps.


Lash refills are an integral part of the lash extension industry. They help maintain the beauty and longevity of your client’s lashes while also building trust and loyalty. As a lash artist, mastering the art of lash refills can set you apart in the competitive world of beauty services. Remember, it’s not just about enhancing lashes; it’s about enhancing your client’s confidence and natural beauty. So, keep learning, perfect your skills, and continue to make your clients feel more beautiful than ever with each lash refill session.