Loose Fans: The Ultimate Instruction

Eyelash extensions have revolutionized the beauty industry, providing people with longer, fuller, and more luscious lashes. Among the various techniques used by lash artists, loose fans have gained significant popularity. This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know about loose fan lash extensions, from what they are to their benefits.

Mega volume loose fans lash set
An amazing look created by promade fans

What are loose fans?

Loose fans are handmade clusters of ultra-fine lash extensions, consisting of multiple individual lashes fanned out from a single base. Unlike classic lashes, which involve applying one extension per natural lash, they allow lash artists to apply multiple extensions on each natural lash. This technique creates a more voluminous and textured look, making it perfect for clients who desire a dramatic and full appearance.

7D promade fans packed loose
Loose promade fans manufactured by iShine Lash Factory

How are loose fans made?

Creating promade loose fans requires skill and precision. Craftsmen meticulously craft each fan dimension by hand. This ensures that the individual extensions are evenly spaced and attached to a base. After forming the curl per client’s requirement, the lash fan’s base will be bonded by glue. Loose fans come in after craftsmen remove them from the strip. This process demands expertise and experience, as it influences the overall result of the eyelash extensions. Handmade lash fans offer sharper stems that pre-made fans cannot achieve, allowing lash artists to speed up lash application and enhance retention when lashing their clients.

Loose fans quality control step
Craftsmen are checking loose fans before packing

Benefits of loose lash fans

  • Enhanced volume: Loose fans are unparalleled when it comes to adding volume to natural lashes. By expertly fanning multiple extensions onto a single natural lash, lash artists can create a dense and voluminous appearance that will turn heads.
  • Customization: As mentioned earlier, the handmade process of fans allows lash artists to customize each fan to suit their client’s specific requirements. Whether clients want a subtle boost or a full-on glamorous effect, loose lash fans can be tailored accordingly.
  • Lightweight and comfortable: Despite the additional volume, loose fan lashes are surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear. The fine individual extensions used in creating these fans ensure that the lashes remain soft and gentle on the natural lashes.
  • Long-lasting: Loose lash fans, when applied correctly and with proper aftercare, can have excellent retention. Clients can enjoy their stunning lashes for an extended period before requiring infills.

How to take care of loose promades after application

To maximize the longevity of your loose fan eyelash extensions, follow these essential aftercare tips:

  • Avoid water for 24 hours: Refrain from getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after the application to allow the adhesive to fully cure.
  • Be gentle: Avoid rubbing or pulling at your lashes, as this can cause premature shedding and damage.
  • Use oil-free products: Oil-based makeup removers and skincare products can weaken the lash adhesive, leading to reduced retention.
  • Schedule regular infills: To keep your lashes looking full and beautiful, schedule infill appointments every 2-3 weeks.
Loose lash fans aftercare tips
Tips to take care of lash extensions

Tips to find the right lash manufacturer

When opting for loose promade fans in eyelash extensions, choosing a reliable lash fan supplier is paramount. A qualified manufacturer will understand your requirements, use high-quality lash extensions raw material, and prioritize the health and safety of your natural lashes. Don’t hesitate to ask for category and product photos or read client reviews to ensure you’re entrusting your investment to a reputable lash factory.

Loose fans have earned their place as a top choice in the world of eyelash extensions, offering unmatched volume, customization, and longevity. Handcrafted with precision and artistry, these clusters of ultra-fine lashes can transform your natural lashes into a stunning, eye-catching feature. 

By selecting a good promade fans lash supplier, you can get premium lash supply at affordable prices and create impressive look for your clients, as well as boost your brand. Should you have any questions or request a quotation of iShine Lash products, please send us a text to WhatsApp at +84353180330 or