Premade vs. Promade Fans: Which is Better?

The difference between premade and promade fans may not always be apparent, especially to eyelash stylists with less experience. While both options share similarities, they exhibit distinct features that cater to different preferences and needs. But how do the two differ from one another?

Promade lash fans

Lash sets using wispy fans D curl
Wispy fans are promade lash fans that have a spike in the middle

Promade lash fans, as the name suggests, are meticulously crafted by hand. Lash artists skillfully create fans by carefully selecting and arranging several individual eyelash extensions into a cluster. These handcrafted fans result in a bespoke, customized look tailored to the client’s eye shape and desired volume. Promade lashes are renowned for their intricacy and attention to detail, providing a complete and fluffy appearance that exudes elegance and charm.

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Premade lashes

On the other hand, premade lashes are machine-made fans, where several lashes are already arranged in a fan-like shape and ready for application. These premade fans come in various styles, ranging from natural to dramatic, and are designed to save time during the application process. Premade lashes are ideal for lash artists who may be newer to the profession or working in time-sensitive settings, as they simplify the procedure and ensure consistent results.


Promade is chosen over premade fans by a lot of professional lash artists and beginners because of the following features


Mix-length 6D fans well organized on strip
Promade lashes can be customizable as per the needs of lash artists or clients

One of the key distinctions between promade and premade lashes lies in the level of customization they offer. Promade lashes are entirely handcrafted, granting lash artists the freedom to tailor the lash set to each client’s unique needs and preferences. This level of personalization ensures a bespoke and flattering look that enhances the client’s natural features. On the contrary, premade lashes come in predetermined styles and lengths, limiting the scope for customization. While they provide a convenient and time-efficient solution, they may not offer the same level of individuality as promade lashes.

Application technique

The application technique for premade and promade fans also differs. Pro-made lashes require the lash artist to dip the base of the fan in adhesive and attach it to an individual natural lash, a process that demands precision and skill. In contrast, premade lashes involve placing the entire pre-made fan on the natural lash, requiring a different set of application skills. Lash artists should be adept at both techniques to accommodate clients with varying preferences.

Lash density and volume

Due to the intricacy of handcrafted fans, promade lashes often provide a more voluminous and dense look. The careful arrangement of individual lashes within each fan creates a fuller appearance, making them a preferred choice for clients seeking dramatic, lush lashes. On the other hand, premade lashes offer a more uniform and consistent volume, suitable for those who desire a natural or subtle enhancement.

Cost considerations

Promade lashes typically require more time and effort for handcrafting, which may be reflected in their pricing. Clients seeking a luxurious and personalized lash experience may find the investment in promade lashes worthwhile. Meanwhile, pre-made lashes offer a cost-effective option, making them accessible to a broader clientele.

Slim base of promade fans and large base of premade
There are 4 main differences between promade fans and premade fans

To sum up, the choice between promade and premade lashes in eyelash extensions ultimately depends on individual preferences, time constraints, and budget considerations. Pro-made lashes boast handcrafted excellence and the luxury of customization, while pre-made lashes offer time efficiency and consistent results. Understanding the differences between these two options allows both lash artists and clients to make informed decisions and achieve the perfect lash look that complements their unique beauty.


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