Speedy Pro Made Fan: Is It Worth Investing

Are you tired of spending hours in front of the lash bed, trying to perfect your lash game? Are you struggling with hand making each volume fans as a beginner? Wonder how to improve lash retention?

Look no further! Introducing the revolutionary solution you’ve been waiting for: Speedy Pro Made Fans. These game-changing lash fans are definitely here to transform your beauty routine.

How we create speedy pro made fan

Speedy pro made are pre-fanned lash extensions that are designed to save you time and effort. Instead of spending hours creating fans while application, lash artists can use available speed pro made lash fans before each appointment.

Craftsmen is finishing a pro made fan lash
A craftsman is checking express pro made fan quality

Quite many people have misconceptions of pre made fans and pro made fans. Literally, pro made fans are the new generation of pre made fans. Process of manufacturing a lash fan is still carried out by humans and hands, using tools and machines (to form a curve). Thanks to new techniques, pro made stems look sharp and are heat-bonded to avoid double-dipping glue when applying. Obviously, the idea of mimicking handmade volume fans but lower price makes pro made fans chosen by many lash artists.

For more information about differences between pro made & pre made, click here => Premade vs. Promade: Which is Better?

Speedy pro made direction for use

Using speedy pro made is a breeze, even for beginners. So here’s a simple step-by-step guide for your reference:

Select lash fans

  • Carefully choose the appropriate speedy pro made that match your desired style
  • Attach them on a lash tile/silicone pad 
  • Use the tweezer to pick a lash fan from the strip 

Apply lash glue 

  • Apply a small amount of lash glue to the base of the lash fan
  • Make sure not to overdo it to avoid messy applications


  • Use tweezers, gently place the lash fan on the natural lash line, starting from the outer corner and working your way in
  • Press lightly to secure
Pick a lash fan from pro made fan strip
Place a strip on silicone pad and use tweezer to pick up a lash fan

Advantages of speedy pro made lash extensions

Time-saving: Speedy pro made lash extensions can significantly reduce the time spent on each lash appointment. As a result of this, lash artists can serve more clients in a day.

Consistency: Each fan is pre-made. Therefore, lash artists can ensure a uniform and beautiful end result for their clients.

Less skill-intensive: While traditional lash extension application demands advanced skill in fan creation, speedy pro made lashes are more accessible, making them ideal for both experienced and newer lash artists.

Client satisfaction: Clients seeking quick yet stunning lash enhancements will appreciate the time-efficient process and impressive results of speedy pro made lash extensions.

Rapid pro made orders of hundred trays
Pro made fan is chosen and ordered by a lot of lash artists

Aftercare tips for express pro made fans application

For express pro made fans care after application, we can use the same notes as loose pro made fans aftercare tips. In this article, we highlight extra tips for you as below:

Sleeping Position: If possible, sleep on your back to prevent your lash fans from getting crushed or bent while you sleep.

Avoid Heat and Steam: Excessive heat and steam can weaken the lash glue. Additionally, be cautious around saunas, hot showers, and direct heat sources.

Use Mascara Carefully: If you choose to use it, opt for a water-based, gentle formula. Moreover, clients should apply it only to the tips of your natural lashes, avoiding the lash fan base.

A client is getting volume lash fan application
Aftercare tips to maintain lash extensions

Where to order premium quality ultra-speed pro made

Here at iShine Lash, we take care to ensure all our products are high quality, safe, and non-irritating. Therefore, we’ve taken special care with each of our best-selling speedy pro made trays and specialty products such as: colored fans, wispy, camellia, mixed-length. Our easy-to use lash trays are perfect for giving your clients the outstanding look they deserve. We manufacture a wide variety of dimension fan type from 3D to 30D, various thickness, curls, etc ….

12D pro made fan on a strip
12D ultra-speed pro made fan supplier in Vietnam

So what are you waiting for? Order yours today! Drop us a text at WhatsApp +84353180330 or Email