The Complete Guide To Volume Lash Extensions

Are you a lash artist trying to improve volume lash extensions technique?

Are you a newbie in lash industry looking for comprehensive guide of this method?

So this article is for you. Keep scrolling to get useful tips and tricks for this amazing lash look.

A lash artist is applying lash fan to natural lash
The complete guideline to volume lash extensions

What is about volume lash?

Volume lash extensions are a technique that involves attaching multiple synthetic lashes to a single natural lash (ratio 2-6:1). This method creates a fuller and more voluminous appearance for the lashes, giving the eyes a dramatic and captivating look. Unlike classic lash extensions, where a fake lash is applied to each natural lash, volume lash extensions allow lash artists to create a “fan” of multiple lashes for each natural lash.

The difference of volume application compared to classic and hybrid
Graphic design illustrates 3 common lash techniques: classic, volume and hybrid lash extensions

Why opt for volume application?

Here’s why you might consider embracing volume lash extensions

Dramatic volume: The primary advantage of volume lash extensions is the significant increase in lash volume.

Natural-looking results: The technique allows for customization in terms of length, curl, and thickness, ensuring that the extensions seamlessly blend with natural lashes.

Long-lasting: When properly applied and cared for, they can last for several weeks.

Reduced need for makeup: With lash extensions, you may find that you require less mascara or other eye makeup products.

Customizable styles: Volume lash extensions offer versatility in terms of style. 

Beauty of the girl having volume lash set
Ultra-dark, dense and fluffy look of a lash set

Which lashes can be used?

Thickness: While thickness 0.10, 0.15, 0.18 & 0.20 is often used for classic lash, thickness 0.03, 0.05 & 0.07 goes with volume lashes. This is because lash artists often apply more than 2 lash extensions to natural lash. They need to ensure lash fans’ weight is healthy to the client’s natural lashes.

Curl and length often used in volume lash extensions
Thickness, weight comparison and length in lash extensions

Curl: The curl of lash extensions determines how lifted and curved lash looks will appear

  • J Curl: A more natural curl that adds subtle lift and length
  • C Curl: A dramatic curl that creates a bold and eye-opening effect
  • D Curl: The most dramatic curl, resulting in a striking and glamorous appearance


Length: The available lengths typically range from 6mm to 18mm, allowing for a variety of looks

  • Shorter lengths (around 6mm to 10mm) provide a natural and subtle enhancement
  • Medium lengths (around 10mm to 14mm) offer a balanced and versatile appearance
  • Longer lengths (14mm and above) create a more dramatic and eye-catching effect

How to do the application ?

Here is step-by-step guide to applying volume lash extensions after preparation

  • Pick up a volume lash extension with curved tweezers.
  • Dip the base of the extension into a small amount of lash adhesive.
  • Attach the extension to the isolated natural lash, about 1-2 mm from the eyelid.
  • Gently release the tweezers to let the adhesive bond the extension to the natural lash.
  • Repeat this process for each natural lash, creating volume fans as desired.
3 main steps in process of applying volume lash extensions
Some of steps in volume lash application

Aftercare tips for lash maintenance

To ensure the longevity and beauty of lash extensions, it’s essential to provide them with proper care. In previous articles, we also walked readers through comprehensive care routines to help clients maintain those voluminous lashes and keep them looking fabulous for weeks.

Several notes to take care of lash sets
Aftercare tips for client’s lashes after application

For more in-depth care instructions, click here to get more details => 10 things you need to know about taking care of lash extensions

Where to order volume lash trays

Till now, lash artists have a lot of options for lash supply such as: online lash supply websites, Amazon and eBay, local beauty supply stores, lash training centers and salons, social media platforms,… Besides, Ishine Lash Factory is specialized in volume lash trays and chosen by a large number of clients all over the world because of

Individual volume lash tray order
0.05 thickness volume lash order of 1000 trays

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