For lash artists, lash supply is the backbone of their work. It’s not just about getting the best deals; it’s about ensuring that the products used are of high quality, reliable, and contribute to the impeccable artistry of lash applications. In this article, we will walk you through top 5 biggest wholesale lash supply in Vietnam.



Opting for Vietnamese wholesale lash supply is a smart choice for lash artists worldwide. Here are some reasons:


Quality: In addition to classic/volume lash trays, Vietnam is an ideal destination for premium promade fans. Compared to premade fans produced by Chinese suppliers, Vietnamese lash fans with slim base have gained competitive advantage over their boxy-base premades.


Affordability is another big plus. As you know, Vietnam is famous for handcrafted products for several decades. Given that labor cost is at a low rate, Vietnamese suppliers offer high-quality lashes at prices that won’t break the bank.

Some of famous handicrafted products in Vietnam
Some of famous handicrafted products in Vietnam

Innovation: Vietnam stays ahead in the lash market by keeping up with the latest trends and innovations. This means you’ll have access to the latest lash products that keep your work on point.


Diverse range: Whether you need various types of classic/volume lashes, or promade fans, Vietnamese wholesale lash supply has you covered.


Customer service is top-notch. Vietnamese suppliers are friendly, helpful, and quick to respond. It’s like having a supportive teammate for your lash business journey.


So, if you’re looking for quality, affordability, innovation, diversity, and great support, wholesale lash supply in Vietnam is the way to go!



Let’s delve into top 5 trusted lash factories located in Vietnam


2.1. iShine Lash Factory

iShine Lash Vietnam is a prominent player in the wholesale lash supply market. They have built a strong reputation for providing top-quality eyelash extensions. iShine Lash is the go-to supplier for many salons and vendors.


We offer a wide range of high-quality products such as: classic, volume lashes and promade fans. From specialty curls such as: M, L curl to trending products like: flat promades, narrow fans, we are able to meet your demand perfectly.

Staff is checking raw material stock
A wide range of raw materials for lash production

Thanks to the large scale of the production facility, we can optimize the manufacturing cost and offer affordable prices. Besides, big promotions on special events throughout the year and discounts for loyal customers will definitely help you pick up many bargains.


Especially, given that we own high-skilled teams of craftsmen, our factory is capable of handcrafting flawless promade fans. Our featured products are made from Korean PBT which does no harm to clients’ natural lashes. With ultra black and fluffy material, your work will satisfy your clients. They have skinny and long stems which make them easy to apply, as well as enhance the lash retention.

Premium quality promade fans supply
Premium quality promade fans supply

Additionally, fast shipping is the most competitive advantage over other rivals. We stock up a wide range of raw materials; thereby processing your orders in short lead time (5-7 workings day only).


One of the most common service in our factory is ODM/OEM service. All of the products will be packed with your logo, which sets your brand apart from others. You can go for such various packaging solutions as: logo stickers, magnetic cardboxes, slide box,…


Last but not least, this top wholesale lash supply Vietnam is also known for their exceptional customer service with 24/7 operation sales team, making us a reliable choice for those in need of lash supplies.




2.2. Queen Lash

For lash artists mindful of budget constraints without compromising on quality, Queen Lashes is a shining example. Their classic, volume, and mixed trays of lash extensions cater to a wide range of styles, allowing lash artists to offer versatility to their clients.

2.3. Star Lash

Star Lash has carved a niche in the wholesale lash supply market by focusing on consistency. They provide lash artists with classic and volume lash extensions, adhesive, and lash tools, ensuring a reliable source for their day-to-day needs.

2.4. Lux Lash

Lux Lash stands out as an innovation hub in the wholesale lash supply sector. They regularly introduce new products, ensuring that lash artists in Vietnam have access to the latest advancements in the industry.

2.5. Vina Lash

Vina Lash Vietnam is a renowned wholesale lash supply company that’s well-regarded for providing top-tier lash products. They offer a diverse range of eyelash extensions, including silk, mink, and volume lashes.


Choosing Vietnamese wholesale lash supply is a strategic decision for lash artists seeking a combination of quality, affordability, innovation, and reliable support. The beauty industry in Vietnam is evolving, and the wholesale lash supply sector is keeping pace with the changing landscape, making it an attractive choice for lash professionals worldwide.