What’s The Difference Between Classic, Volume and Hybrid ?

You are new to the world of eyelash extensions and you’re confused because there are too many terms you need to know in the lash industry. Among those terms, you should pay attention to the detail of different lash extension methods: classic, volume and hybrid. Are you curious what these lash methods will be like? Keep scrolling to have more useful information in this following blog.


1. Detail about classic, volume and hybrid lashes

Let’s get to know better about different lash techniques through their definition, ratio and thickness

1.1. What is classic lash extensions 

what is classic lashes

Ratio: Classic lash extensions are known to be the technique which adheres to ratio 1:1. That means one synthetic lash is applied to a natural lash. It is a method of applying each false lash to each customer’s natural lash and gives you a long, thick and attractive lash.

Thickness: The size of a lash extension is the thickness referred to here. Today there are a variety of lash extensions used for the classic style from the lowest at 0.10 mm to 0.12 mm, and 0.15 mm as the maximum size.

1.2. What is volume lash extensions 

Ratio: Volume lashes, also called russian volume lashes, is one of the most popular lash extensions that are loved by many women today because of their eye-catching look. Volume lash extension is a technique of attaching multiple false eyelashes to a natural lash. The false eyelashes are glue-bonded or heat-bonded to create a lash fan

what is volume lashes

Thickness: Lash technicians generally use false lashes of sizes varying from 0.05 to 0.07 mm for standard volume sets and 0.03 to 0.05 mm for mega volume sets. For instance, a 10D fan might use extensions of 0.03 mm each, a 4D fan of 0.05 mm each, and a 2D volume fan extension of 0.07 mm each.

1.3. What is hybrid lash extensions

Ratio: Hybrid lash extensions is a technique of mixed style between classic and volume lashes. Due to the combination of the two lash techniques, the texture of the lashes is diverse and the number of lash extensions also increases. It breaks the monotony of classic or volume lashes and makes your eyes look big, round and black.

Thickness: As a hybrid lash set combines the thicknesses of both volume and classic sets, the thicknesses vary accordingly too. Your lash tech may use thicknesses of 0.07 mm, 0.10 mm, or even 0.15 mm for the classic lashes that will be applied or thicknesses of 0.03 mm and 0.05 mm for volumes lashes that will be applied.

What is hybrid lashes

2. Classic, volume and hybrid, which is better ?

To know which lash technique is good for your your choice, let’s see the pros and cons of classic, volume and hybrids lashes respectively

2.1. Classic lash extensions

Pros: The biggest advantage of this lash extension technique is that the type of false lashes attached to the natural lashes are soft, smooth and light materials. It won’t cause discomfort, heavy weight or entanglements and affect your vision.

Cons: For classic lash extension, it takes quite a long time to do a full set. In particular, this type of lash extension requires the worker to be professional and skilled. If your natural lashes are small and weak, this method of lash extensions should not be opted for.

2.2. Volume lash extensions


  • The method of applying multiple false lashes to one natural lash creates a thick, natural look
  • It only takes a few hours to do a full set of volume lash extensions 
  • Highly durable, the lashes are not tangled after being attached to the eyes.

Cons: Volume lash extensions apply more than one false lash to a natural lash, which means this method requires extremely thin false lashes, thickness must be no longer than 0.07 mm and the lash fan consists of 2 to 8 false lashes. This seems to bring discomfort and heaviness to your eyes.

2.3. Hybrid lash extensions

The long and short lashes are staggered intertwined, making the eyes more sparkling and seductive without being rigid. With this shape of lashes, it can be suitable for you for all activities such as going out, going to a party or going to work. You will become attractive and charming wherever you go.

Classic and volume and hybrid, which is better

3. Top lash supplier for classic, volume and hybrid lashes

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